The Game

How To Play

Electric Hockey is a brand new sport in the US, with a long history of game play in Denmark and Scandinavia.  The sport is played 3 vs 3 on a gym floor, using electric hockey carts.  The carts are controlled with a joystick, using a 12-V battery-powered motor.  They are specially designed for the speed and agility required to play the game, traveling up to 10 mph with a tight turning radius for quick changes in direction, passing, and shooting.

Electric Hockey was developed to include power chair users and provide an alternative for manual wheelchair sports.

Our slogan is More Power To You and we mean it. The carts provide adaptive power and speed. The athletes provide the competitive drive and passion. The game gives power to those normally left out.

Electric Hockey creates opportunity and community charged by competition that powers athletic fulfillment and enjoyment for all.


Our values create and guide the spirit of Electric Hockey. Success demands determination to win, collaboration and team spirit, fostering of community, and celebration of new experience.


We are not held back. We create options for ourselves and our team. We are enabled to win.


As a team, we are made stronger. As community, we grow. Winning is done together.


We are determined to grow. Growing through education and practice, we mentor and learn from one another.


We support each other’s wins and goals. We cheer on the court and in life. Small movements and game winning shots are deserve to be celebrated.


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