The Cart

What Can It Do?


The cart is made with a wooden seat of molded beech mounted on a metal frame. The cart runs on two electric engines that use two 12 volt batteries with 20 amps.


A battery life of approx. 1 ½ hours, enables the chair to run 8.5 mph.


The Hockey Sport chair is fitted with 4 point seatbelt, keeping the player safe and stable while screaming down the court.


Two wheels in front and one in the back make it possible to turn on a dime.


The cart has a low profile to the ground. This makes it almost impossible to tilt and provides a streamlined look.


Fast and furious, these carts are made for competition.

Electric Hockey creates opportunity and community charged by competition that powers athletic fulfillment and enjoyment for all.


Our values create and guide the spirit of Electric Hockey. Success demands determination to win, collaboration and team spirit, fostering of community, and celebration of new experience.


We are not held back. We create options for ourselves and our team. We are enabled to win.


As a team, we are made stronger. As community, we grow. Winning is done together.


We are determined to grow. Growing through education and practice, we mentor and learn from one another.


We support each other’s wins and goals. We cheer on the court and in life. Small movements and game winning shots are deserve to be celebrated.


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