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Players - Electric Hockey LeagueElectric Hockey League




1) I am a 31 year old die-hard hockey fan. I follow the Portland Winterhawks locally, and the Pittsburgh Penguins professionally. When I’m not watching or playing, I fancy myself to be somewhat of a writer.

2) I was on the search for an adaptive sport that I could get into, and as I was close to giving up on my search for something that met my level of ability when I found E-hockey!

3) Being disabled, you are rarely afforded the ability to compete outside of video games. E-hockey allows me to use my ideas and allows for the use of teamwork that isn’t typically felt by someone who isn’t able bodied.

4) What I like about the cart is of course the speed. The carts are flexible enough to accommodate those who prefer a more comfortable ride, but I prefer the speed

5) I have lots of favorite moments when I play e-hockey. Scoring a goal always feels good, but I have to say that when you find yourself in exactly the right place and you pass to a team mate on the other side of the goalie who also is in just the right place and they get that highlight real goal…it’s beautiful.

6) To anyone who even has a tiny bit of interest in trying e-hockey- GIVE IT A “SHOT!” Chances are good that if you have a specific concern regarding game play or the cart itself, it can be addressed.



Bio coming soon.

Electric Hockey creates opportunity and community charged by competition that powers athletic fulfillment and enjoyment for all.


Our values create and guide the spirit of Electric Hockey. Success demands determination to win, collaboration and team spirit, fostering of community, and celebration of new experience.


We are not held back. We create options for ourselves and our team. We are enabled to win.


As a team, we are made stronger. As community, we grow. Winning is done together.


We are determined to grow. Growing through education and practice, we mentor and learn from one another.


We support each other’s wins and goals. We cheer on the court and in life. Small movements and game winning shots are deserve to be celebrated.


To learn more, visit: incight.org

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